Speaking Level 1

Speaking Level 1 begins by teaching the student to pronounce  Thai vowels and consonant sounds, along with the  five tones unique to the Thai language. Students learn a phonetic writing system that is used to read and write Thai words. Students learn basic vocabulary and practice basic conversations covering topics ranging from introducing yourself, ordering food, asking directions, to expressing preferences and comparing things.

Speaking Level 4

This course focuses on the characteristics of the spoken Thai language. It introduces some spoken slang, some Thai idioms, and many commonly used phrases and expressions which you will see hear and use everyday.

Speaking Level 2

In Level 2, students  expand their vocabulary and conversation skills. This course covers many new conversation patterns.Students will learn and practice topics ranging from geography, weather, and body parts, to emotions and seasons of the year and much more.

Speaking Level 5

In this course, students learn about life in Thailand, and discuss various topics including Thai fruits, the Chao Phraya River, and the famous Chatuchuk weekend market in detail. Students will also learn formal conversational skills, which are used in everyday life, in the news and on TV or in more formal setting.

Speaking Level 3

This course introduces the student to more speaking patterns and vocabular. By the end of this course the student will have a strong foundation in the Thai language and be able to speak confidently in everyday conversation, having built up many conversation patterns and an extensive vocabulary. After completing this course, the student is ready to progress to learning reading and writing. For those students who do not wish to study reading and writing, but wish to developer a higher level of conversational skills, we offer two extra speaking courses; Level 4 speaking and Level 5 speaking.

Courses Prices

Morning: 9.00-12.00  7500 Baht
Afternoon: 13.00- 16.00 7500 Baht
Evening: 18.00-20.00 8500 Baht 3 people or less