The learning system we teach was originally developed more than 40 years ago to train missionaries to be fluent in the Thai language in 6 or 7  months, the courses have been expanded for general Thai learners and successfully taught to students from all over the world.

With the opening of our new school we have revised and updated all the course materials, so everything you will learn is relevant to todays Thai society and todays modern world, while still teaching you all about our  beautiful Thai culture and traditions.

All of our teachers are highly trained and all have many years of experience teaching, we are committed to excellence in the teaching of the Thai Language and strive to make our students the best language students they can be. We are passionate about teaching Thai language!

Classes are taught in an informal, relaxed and fun environment, where all the students are encouraged to participate in all areas of thai language and practice continuously. Students learn materials that are practical and relevant and can be used straight away in any situation.

Thai language classes for all levels

Thai language is an exciting and fun language to learn, we know you will love our courses as much as we love teaching you.